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Jewellery Care

Our Aurora & Co pieces are 18k PVD Gold Plated over a base of Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver. PVD means 'Physical Vapour Deposition', a process which allows the bonding of gold onto base metals like Stainless steel and Sterling silver. As opposed to gold electroplating, PVD plating bonds gold more effectively onto the base material, which ensures their durability and better resistance from acute water or natural chemical exposure (i.e daily wear and tear!). 

Disclaimer: While our PVD gold plated pieces are anti-rust, gold-plating does fade over time due to regular wear. Don't worry! There are easy steps you can take to maintain and prolong the quality of your pieces for upwards of 2 years!

Here are just a few tips:

  1. Store your jewellery in it's Aurora & Co keepsake packaging away from moisture to prevent oxidation and safe from scratching from rough surfaces/jewellery.
  2. Remove your jewellery before swimming, especially in chlorine and salt water.
  3. Wait to put on your jewellery until after you have applied lotion, makeup, or perfume.
  4. After wear, use our microfibre polishing cloth to gently clean your jewellery and remove any dirt or oils from your skin.